ATEX designed centrifuges are used in the cleaning and recovery of muds and drilling fluids as well as in the cleaning of oils.

The HILLER - DecaOil 3-phase centrifuge is a solid-bowl centrifuge especially designed for highly efficient, simultaneous sedimentation of solids, and separation of two immiscible liquid phases. The feed enters the rotating bowl through a stationary feed tube and is thrown radially outwards against the bowl wall.

Typical applications:

Principle of operation:
The centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the bowl rapidly settles the solids particles at the bowl wall, where they are moved towards the solids discharge ports by a screw conveyor. As the clarified liquid flows along the bowl towards the liquids discharge zone, the centrifugal force causes the light and heavy liquid phases (typically oil and water) to separate; the oil moving upwards to the rotating axis and the water gathering between the oil and the sediment layers. A weir or underflow baffle in the liquids discharge zone separates the two phases, allowing oil and water to flow into separate discharge chutes outside the rotor.

The levels of the oil and water discharges are adjusted according to the relative densities of the phases and their respective quantities, in order to achieve optimal separation of the two liquids. Liquid phase discharge can be by weir plates, nozzles or centripetal pump. The liquid levels in the rotor and the conveyor’s differential speed are the controls for optimal solids removal, highest cake dryness, and highest
purities of the liquid phases.

You set the task - we provide the solution.

HILLER high-performance decanter centrifuges guarantee optimal process results with the highest level of reliability. The space-saving concept of the solid bowl centrifuge, together with optimal process results, make HILLER - DecaOil 3-phase centrifuges the first choice for oil recovery and oil production applications.


The HILLER - DecaOil series are manufactured in our modern factory in Vilsbiburg (Bavaria) and are subject to strict quality controls. The care which is taken for manufacture is reflected in the satisfaction of our clients.

Mechanical features:

HILLER has a number of trial units which enable us to demonstrate the capabilities of the HILLERcentrifuge in full scale. These mobile units can be easily integrated into your process and enable you to assess the achievable separation performance on site with your own product.

Economy and quality: