Paper and board

The paper industry use large volumes of water often on closed cleaning loop circuits and often lead to effluents which are high in flow and load and often require compact high performing dewatering Decapress units for effluent sludge dewatering.

Typical example application is a large UK Papermill where the effluent plant waste derives from waste paper cleaning along with a small amount of biological sludge.



A smaller Hiller model DP484 is installed at another plant on biological sludge dewatering at a capacity of 30 - 40 m3/hr and achieves cakes of 22 - 26%ds.

The % ds that can be achieved varies with the amount of fibre present in the feed, De inking takes place at site and also whether inorganic coating kitchen effluents are present such as Titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate etc which is used to give gloss to the paper and increases the % ds that can be achieved at the dewatering stage.

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