The removal of suspended solids and sludge dewatering from the paint spray booth treatment system within the automotive industry is an important area of application for Hiller centrifuges.

Whether the painting system is water based or solvent based, the effluent waste wash waters typically contain dispersed acrylate and vinyl resins, dissolved cellulose derivatives, together with residues of pigments and filling agents, dyes, solvents, traces of acids or alkalys from pH-value adjustment as well as residues of preserving agents.

Hiller Decapress decanter centrifuges are used in paint shops to considerably reduce the volume and therefore costs for disposal of paint sludges.

Premier car companies such as BMW, Mercedes and Opel choose Hiller centrifuges to dewater their wastes.

The sludge obtained by physio chemical treatment which is used to de nature the paint effluent after the spray booth is typically stored in an agitated tank prior to being pumped into a Decapress centrifuge which can be capable of handling 300 to 80,000 litres an hour - dependent upon the size of plant used.

The solids discharge is either disposed of or recycled for re use, while the clarified liquid phase is recycled back into the process hence reducing costs by minimising the use of fresh water.