Food & Beverage

Hygienic designs and systems complete with effective Cleaning in Place (CIP) systems make MSE Hiller Decafood centrifuges a first choice for use in the Dairy, oil, butter, cheese, veg oil, fruit juice, cider, coffee, yeast separation, wine etc.

Applications from Food and Beverage Industries:

Juice recovery from:

Your field of application is not included? Please, talk to us. We have the solution.

Continuous operation

The economic advantages of HILLER decanters speak for themselves. Compact design, simple operation and use of high-quality stainless steel grades minimize whole life costs and guarantee long life. Always close to you: our worldwide 24-hour service for maintenance, repair and spare parts.


HILLER DecaFood Separation for 2- or 3-phase applications.

HILLER DecaFood centrifuges combine the experience of more than 30 years in decanter construction und production with the latest operational knowledge in various fields of food technology.

HILLER DecaFood centrifuges are no off-the peg-product, but are specially constructed according to product requirements without loosing ist versatility. As our customer you benefit demonstrably from a variety of advantages, compared with the conventional manufacturing process as well as with less specialised juice centrifuges.

Brewing industry:

Core oil production:

Dairy products:

More effective fruit juice production.

Fruit juice and fruit wine industry:

Extraction tasks:

Fruit juice industry:

Fruit and vegetable juice production from nearly all kinds of fruits and vegetables, for example:

Smoothie production:

Viniculture and grape pressing:

3-phase application.

One example for a 3-phase application is theproduction of sallow thorn oil: Fruit pulp, fruit juice and oil are extracted in only one production step.

High throughput:

Quick and flexible:

HILLER DecaFood decanters are able to process at the highest capacity level up to 50,000 kg per hour. Our control Systems and construction process optimization ensure perfect Operation, short cleaning and setup times as well as flexible adjustments while the production process is running. Talk to us about installing a pilot plant.

Protection in a closed System:

HILLER decanters are not only extremely efficient, but they are also based on an ideal process for the food and beverage industries. Closed Systems prevent Oxidation, ensure gentle processing and meet the highest cleanliness and hygiene requirements.

Process suited to foodstuffs:

lmportant features: