Sewage Treatment

DecaPress • DecaThick
Sludge Dewatering & Thickening

HILLER is setting benchmarks for the application of high-performance decanters on waste water treatment plants. Our DecaPress series has been developed for maximum cake dryness at high throughputs and significantly reduced polymer consumption.

For sludge thickening our DecaThick series is used, achieving highest solids capture rates, in most cases even without polymer. Apart from manufacturing decanter centrifuges we at HILLER also assist our clients in regard to the optimal plant design and the choice of ancillary equipment.

MSE Hiller can supply centrifuge only or are happy to design build and install  the complete dewatering/thickening plant.

Process Engineering

Economy & Quality

Scroll Drive Systems

Capacity                     Types                         
DecaPress                  DP15 - DP84                  600 l/min - 150 m³/h
DecaThick                  DT26 - DT84                  3 - 200 m³/h