Bio diesel

Making use of natural resources

Centrifuge technology for bio diesel production

The use of alternative fuels is becoming increasingly popular. As well as the production of bio ethanol, the production of bio diesel has also been growing continuously. This is partly due to rising crude oil prices in the world markets, the development of technologies allowing the generation of new fuels from renewable raw material sources, and the considerable efforts taken by national and international politicians with regard to climate protection.

Hiller DecaOil Decanter for biodiesel and other renewable sources of energy.

Typical applications:

Principles of Operation:

The traditional source of material for bio diesel production has been fresh vegetable oil extracted from plant seeds. However, used edible fats, oils and animal fats are also used. In Northern Europe mainly rapeseed oil is processed. In the USA, it is mainly soya bean oil, while in tropical countries palm oil is the main source of the raw material.

The HILLER – DecaOil centrifuge is a solid bowl decanter centrifuge especially designed for highly efficient, continuous sedimentation of solids and separation of one or two (non-mixable) liquid phases. The feed enters the rotating bowl through a stationary feed tube and is thrown radially outwards into the bowl through feed ports in the conveyor hub. By means of centrifugal force, the solids and liquid(s) are separated from each other.

While the solids particles settle to the bowl wall and are discharged by means of a screw conveyor, the cleared liquid phase accumulates above the sedimented solids phase and is discharged at the opposite end of the machine. Depending on the design of the centrifuge as well as on the number of liquid phases present, the cleared liquids are discharged by means of overflow weirs, adjustable dip tubes by gravity, or via a centripetal pump under pressure.

HILLER high-performance decanting centrifuges achieve optimal process results with the highest possible level of reliability.

The space-saving concept of the solid-bowl centrifuge, together with high efficiency and optimal process results, make HILLER – DecaOil Biodiesel centrifuges the first choice for many oil production applications.