Energy Efficient Centrifuges - the new SEE range from MSE Hiller

11 June 2012

MSE Hiller  recently announced the arrival of their revolutionary new SEE drive.
SEE which stands for Stationary Energy Efficient drive incorporates a direct drive gearbox so no more V belts!

As the name suggests this new centrifuge offers superior energy efficiency compared the older designs of centrifuge.
The New Stationary Gearbox also incorporates a new oil circulation system which delivers cleaned filtered and cooled oil directly in to the main rotating parts of the gears leading to smooth operation, high torque, reduced wear and increased longevity.
The centrifuge which saw it's first production runs at a sewage treatment plant in Germany at the end of June 2011 is the end result of a research and development programme which started some 24  months ago and led the Hiller company to question each component and part of the centrifuge to develop a truely state of the art next generation of Decapress machine.
During the proving trials the unit was said to offer a 30% increase in production capacity compared to the conventional centrifuge at site and cake solids were some 5% points better. Polymer and power consumption was also said to be considerably lower than expected.
The SEE range of decapress centrifuges also come with the new Swiss built SEE controller which provides a processing speed some 4 x faster than previous systems and allows for ethernet and profibus communication all as standard !.

Orders have now been taken for the first five machines and with the next units already in production this next generation of  decanter seems to be an energy efficient winner for Hiller.

Further information and details available from Huw Thomas, MSE Hiller tel 01246 861166