An additional 75 kW of PV enhances MSE Hiller’s environmental credentials

06 January 2015

MSE Hiller has recently switched on an additional 75 kW of Photovoltaic (PV) panels which further enhance it’s environmental credentials at its Markham Vale centre just off the M1 motorway at J29A.

The scheme which saw the company install some 300 x 250W (500 M sq) of high efficiency PV panels over a 2 week period in December 2014 by local Chesterfield company Custom Solar. will make MSE Hiller self-sufficient in electricity.

With ISO 14001 being a prerequisite for the business with many customers and in a period where reporting of carbon footprints and reducing emissions has become such an important aspect especially when looking to build partnerships with customers, the  installation of a renewable energy system like this is a major step forward for the company.

It enables MSE Hiller to take control of it’s energy expenditure by generating it’s own electrical power on site.

Electricity prices historically have risen at approx. 10% per annum so generating our own electricity like this can protect us against future rises in this area and ensure that our business isn't exposed to uncontrollable growing overheads.