Energy Efficient Centrifuges - SEE Stationary Energy Efficient Drives

24 March 2015

The SEE range of Stationary Energy Efficient drives make our new generation of centrifuges more efficient than ever.
SEE which stands for Stationary Energy Efficient drive incorporates a direct drive gearbox so no more V belts!
The revolutionary new Stationary Gearbox also incorporates an oil circulation system which delivers cleaned filtered and cooled oil directly in to the main rotating parts of the gears leading to smoother operation, high torque, reduced wear and increased longevity.
These SEE centrifuges have now been installed at several UK waste water treatment plants with impressive results.
A 30% increase in production capacity compared to the conventional centrifuges installed at site and cake solids of 3 – 5 % points better.

Polymer and power consumption was also said to be considerably lower than expected with savings of 10 – 20%.
The SEE range of Decapress centrifuges also come with the new Swiss built SEE controller which provides a processing speed some 4 x faster than previous systems and allows for easy SCADA connectivity with ethernet and profibus communication as standard.

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Further information and details available from Huw Thomas, MSE Hiller tel 01246 861166