Great scores in the UVDB Achilles Verify audit process

12 October 2017

MSE Hiller were recently re-audited for the Achilles UVDB Verify system over a two day period at Markham Vale. 

This was the company’s second re audit since implementation of the new Verify scoring system.

With MSE Hiller already having an audited ISO9001 quality management system,  ISO14001 environmental management system and an OHSAS18001 Health & Safety management system in place as well as Safe Contractor accreditation and Chas; the audit was a check and utility approved rating system of the companies’ internal and on site management systems.

OnSite Health and Safety scores of 96% were achieved with Environment and Quality scores of 100% each. 

The management system evaluation scored 98% on Health and Safety and 100 % on Environment.

The scores confirm to the Directors that the management systems employed at MSE Hiller are both robust and complete. 

Further information and details available from the Achilles UVDB verify system or contact the MSE Hiller compliance manager at