Decapress conquers the problem of dense solids separation

30 September 2009

Following an extensive comparison of competitive centrifuges and other available technologies the catalyst manufacturer Johnson Matthey of Royston Cambridgeshire decided to install a Hiller Decapress® centrifuge for the recovery and dewatering of catalyst fines.

The DP31-422 316 model of Decapress was delivered to site as a skid mounted unit complete with starter panel and pumps and pretty soon it was realised that cycle times could be reduced by some 50% due to the units unique hydraulic scroll drive system with remote mounted EMR5000 controller.  This system automatically monitors the scrolling torque which is directly proportional to the solids content of the feed and continuously optimises process performance by adjusting the differential speed to suit.

The ability to efficiently separate the dense high value catalyst from the process water leads to considerable savings for the company and offers a very short payback period.

During the proving trials the Decapress® machine was capable of recovering up to 10 % more catalyst than the previous unit and discharge the solids as a stackable cake which was suitable for transportation and reuse.

Further info and detail available from Huw Thomas Sales Director MSE Hiller