Decapress conquers the problem of oily sludges

30 June 2008

One of the first in new range of Decapress® decanter centrifuges from Hiller GmbH was recently supplied to a tanker company in South Wales where it slashed sludge disposal costs.

Newport based GD Environmental services installed a DP31-422 model centrifuge from M&SE in Derbyshire.
Before the centrifuge was introduced the storage of large volumes of oily sludges was a costly problem to the company and one which was not going to go away.The centrifuge enables the sludge to be dewatered to a dry friable cake which occupies only 20% of the original volume.

Moreover, being a solid the material, it is more easily transported off site by skip or trailer and offers far greater scope for alternative disposal routes such as composting, re-use, incineration, landfill etc.

Water removed from the sludge is clean enough to be discharged to sewer.

Installation of the machine has also opened the door for additional materials to be taken into site.

The volume reduction in dewatering sludges from a feed of 4 - 5% dry solids to a cake at 35 - 45% ds is in the order of 80%.

Trial and demonstration Decapress units are available to hire.