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MSE Hiller supplies and installs the Hiller® range of decanter centrifuges. An established brand Hiller® has been developing and manufacturing centrifuges for over 37 years, and more than 4,700  decanters produced for projects Worldwide. Applications include food, bio fuels, brewing, paper, chemical, fruit juices, tannery, vegetable oils, starch, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, mineral oil, and both industrial and municipal wastewater treatment processes. 

In addition to the centrifuge itself, MSE Hiller can install the complete dewatering system including polymer make up and dosing system, structural support steel, collection chutes, pipework, pumps, tanks, mixers, discharge conveyors and state of the art control systems including the latest in PLC technology, remote monitoring and access, touchscreen HMI, Ethernet, SCADA, Profibus etc

Whatever size project you might have, the MSE Hiller team can help by bringing a range quality products and a wealth of experience.